Men and Their Jeans

Jeans might be the first thing you put on when you get home from work. Or they might be your go-to for a casual date at the ballpark, or for Saturday errands.

But gentlemen, comfort doesn’t have to cost you your sophisticated style.

The denim of today is entirely different. The various washes, the trim, the fit… forget what your father taught you. Jeans have been gentrified.

The selection is vast. The fits are better. The fabric is incredible.

Today’s premium denim is all Japanese ring-spun fabric. Without equal, it’s the absolute best in the world. It's why it feels so good when you slip on that new pair of jeans.

Besides the great durability, the denim of today undergoes a series of processes that treat the fabric, and extreme detailing to create the wash, riveting, and the pockets—all to achieve maximum comfort and style.

At Threads, we’ve carefully selected brands that have that unique blend of sophistication and relaxation.

Stop by and we’ll help you find the perfect pair.