Shoes & Accessories

Life used to be so simple when it came to selecting proper footwear. Brown or black? But those days are long gone.

Footwear has become the finishing touch for the truly fashionable gentleman. Be it an ankle-high Edwardian boot, a suede brogue with color-accent soles, or a lizard-bit driver—it’s important to wear the right shoes.

The simple fact that we can now wear a pair of cap-toe ties with premium denim shows tremendous growth in the world of men’s fashion.

All that being said, let's remember the two most important elements in selecting the right shoes for an outfit:

1. Can you still move your toes when walking in the new shoes? (We’re not women… we can’t handle that kind of pain!)

2. As your shoes age, have they taken on that classic, vintage appeal? Or do they just look worn? (Hint: Vintage is good. Ragged is bad.)

Remember gentlemen, walking tall starts with the right shoes.