Suits & Dress Shirts

A well-made suit. In today’s world, that sounds like an oxymoron, like some relic from the past.

We beg to differ.

At Threads, we get a great sense of pleasure from helping men like yourself slip into a new suit jacket that’s been crafted and tailored under our expert guidance.

We’re not driven by the trends of the moment. “Slim this” and “modern that.” We focus on beautiful fabrics, fine tailoring, and meticulous attention to the finished product.

Our suits are natural shouldered, with a slightly suppressed waist, two-buttoned, and double-vented. We pair them with flat-front trousers that have a subtle taper from the knee to the cuff.

Classic and timeless. It’s the essential look every gentleman must learn to master.

May we never lose the perspective of a well-made suit.